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Why 8 Fat Fat 8 Bar & Grille

Established in the vibrant '80s, 8 Fat Fat 8 Bar & Grille isn't just a restaurant; it's a journey into the heart of prosperity and good fortune.

"Why 8 Fat Fat 8 Bar & Grille?" you ask. Well, it's more than just a name; it's a lucky charm.

In Chinese culture, the number 8 symbolizes prosperity, and when you double it, you're doubling the good vibes. Imagine stepping into a world where luck and flavor collide—a place where every bite promises prosperity. The story behind our name is as rich as our flavors. In the '80s, Sai and his visionary crew decided to open a bar that echoed the spirit of good times.

The number 8, pronounced "Baat," sounded like "FAT" in Chinese 發 ("FAAT"), carrying the powerful meaning of development and prosperity.
It's the same sentiment we share when we wish you "Kung hee fat choy" during Chinese New Year. But here's the twist—double the 8, double the prosperity. It's a wish for abundance, for a life filled with good fortune.

And let's not forget the delightful play on words: FAT 發, as in living the good life, indulging in the richness of flavors. At 8 Fat Fat 8 Bar & Grille, we've turned dining into a delightful experience where every meal is a celebration of luck and joy. Our name is more than a quirky combination of numbers and words; it's a promise. A promise that each visit will leave you happier, luckier, and more satisfied than the last.Join us on this flavorful journey where nostalgia, prosperity, and unforgettable bites converge.

8 Fat Fat 8 Bar & Grille is your destination for luck-infused dining.Come for the luck, stay for the flavor!

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