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4/29/2012 by Toke H.:
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I love this place! Its been ages since I’ve been here but I never appreciated what a great local place this is and plus the food is awesome especially the crispy chicken! Go on sundays when Jon is working, the guy is da bomb!

2/1/2012 by Jason Y.:
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This goes in the category of “dive bar”.

Smallish, a bit dark, a bit dirty, but got some good food. Food is mostly chinese influence/tasting. Can’t go wrong with the special chicken and a side of salt. It’s yummy and pretty decent for $10. Also a go is fried lettuce which is what all vegetables should be, sauteed in butter and garlic. Just because it’s main ingredient is lettuce, it’s not a salad!

Other tasty things i’ve had there is gau gee, fried rice, escargot. Drinks are a decent price, $3.50 is the regular price for domestics, $0.50 off during happy hour. Not a big place, so if it’s crowded you’ll probably have to go somewhere else, hit it up early for after work drinks and some food, it’s worth it…plus if you’re a fan, you may run into Bruno Mars once in awhile. He can sing his own songs on karaoke, kind of cool actually.

1/3/2012 by Robert D.:
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8 Fat is one of my favorite places to go after 10pm. The menu is typical Chinese/Bar food, which is freaking awesome!!!!

Raspberry beer is a must try and their drinks are pretty well priced! The food is omfg delicious, I love foods that are deep fried. You only go around the world once so you might as well eat what makes you happy!!

All women….Yeah, all women…. Very friendly and always able to have a good conversation with them about what’s going down in the neighborhood.

What can I say that I haven’t covered. Looks can be deceiving come down and try it out for yourself!

12/15/2011 by Emiko T.:
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Despite the fact that I can never get the name right (I refer to it as 8 Fatty Fat, 88 Fatness, 808 the Fat Cake) my friends know what I mean and have forgiven me for my ignorance. Now I actually can never call it 8 Fat Fat 8, for these other misnomers have grown on me too much. As have their truly delicious chicken wings. Oi. Let me tell you, that is worth a trip in itself.

The drinks are just average. But I suppose what you come for are the great happy hour deals and drinks that are different every day of the week. Perhaps also what you come for is the no-nonsense service in which chatting up the waitresses is not going to get you better service nor service with a smile. They’re there to serve you on their on watch and so be prepared to either be patient or know what you want right away. At times their drinks aren’t the best but at least they come around often to top you off if you’re unsatisfied. They actually (surprisingly) make a good margarita. A nice little touch is that they offer free peanuts.

The chicken wings are the most succulent thing you could ever want. I truly cry for the vegetarians of the world. They’re so moist, crispy, and HUGE. And you get an entire plate of them, I think about eight or ten. Lucky tummy. If you only want to go there for one night, make sure to do it on chicken night when they’re on the happy hour menu and half-priced (I think it may be Tuesday night).

You can sing karaoke though it may take you forever to get your song to play. But they have a huge selection. The talent rums the gamut from average to awesome–but I’ve usually only heard really awesome singers there. Like singers with soul. Like the lost members of the Delfonics.

Great neighborhood joint with PARKING! A must try in the dive category.