• Fat Fat Special Chicken

    Fat Fat Special Chicken

    “Definitely go for Fat Fat Chicken. It’s basically called ‘Crispy Chicken’ in Chinese Cuisine, But done very VERY Well! Moist interior with light crispy skin, served with a spiced salt.”
    DaMagic on Yelp!

    “Try the 8 Fat Fat 8 Chicken. It is 1/2 a chicken cooked in such a way that the skin is super crispy and it is moist but not greasy and they serve it simply with a small dish of salt and pepper which I would touch the chicken to before eating and that makes all the difference.”
    Mark on Yelp!

    “The special chicken is delicious and the ong choy beef with cake noodle is perfect.”
    Chi on Yelp!

  • Great Friends, Great Food

    Great Friends, Great Food

    “Let me put it this way. I was into the first 10 minutes of a first date at 8Fats when Mary the owner (she was bartending that night), yelled over to me, “Hey! It’s your mom. She wants to know if you’re coming home for dinner!”

    8Fats is my favorite neighborhood bar and a second home. I see artsy folks from the university, my mother’s office coworkers, and guys that I surf with as well. Family owned and run, they care about good beers, and have a decent karaoke selection. This place has everything. Darts and pool. They carry exotics and domestics, Aventinus as well as Bud light. And the food is great. My favorite is the mochiko ika. Not to miss!”
    This one wins for funniest Mary story on Yelp!

  • Darts, Karaoke, and Pool Table

    Darts, Karaoke, and Pool Table

    “Amazing local feel for a bar. I absolutely love their crispy gau gee, so much meat. Greats drink specials too! Forget waiting for happy hour! $3.50 specials every day all day!

    They have pool and darts along with Karoke! If you want a place you can actually talk to your friends then this is the place. If you’re trying to pick up on girls, then this isn’t your place. Depends what you want. But I love it for the chill atmosphere!”
    Mitchell on Yelp!

"..one of the guys we met, Fred, bought us drinks and paid for us to sing karoake. Once Rachel and I started singing Dancing Queen someone broke out shakers and the whole bar was dancing and shaking their bodies to shake the shakers, it was incredible."